The Art of Teamwork


Trudy Van Dop

Trudy is a Cultural Entrepreneur.

“Cultural Entrepreneurs are cultural change agents and resourceful visionaries who organize cultural, financial, social and human capital , to generate revenue from a cultural activity. Their innovative solutions result in economically sustainable cultural enterprises that enhance livelihoods and create cultural value and wealth for both creative producers and consumers of  cultural services and products.”

source: Genevieve Tremblay; Cultural Entrepreneur

With over 25 years’ involvement in the arts and cultural sector and the tourism industry, Trudy Van Dop has dedicated her career to increasing the viability of arts and culture in British Columbia – both professionally and philanthropically.



Kahla Yzerman

Communications & Marketing 

Kahla Yzerman is an artist, teacher, and freelance communications and marketing professional. An Emily Carr University alumni, Kahla is a visual artist, and teacher of fine arts  with a passion for Arts & Culture.  Kahla has been involved with Van Dop & Associates for nearly 10 years designing, writing and developing communications and marketing materials for BC’s Guide to Arts & Culture and the Van Dop Gallery

Varya Malchanova

Marketing Director

 Varya is  a BCIT Graduate of Marketing Management of Tourism program. Her passion for Arts & Culture has inspired her to start out her career with BC’s Guide to Arts & Culture, where she can apply her marketing skills towards curating and supporting the local arts and culture of British Columbia.

Christina Crook

Contributing Editor

Christina Crook’s book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, has made her leading voice on technology and human flourishing. Through her writing and speaking she reveals how key shifts in our thinking enable us to draw closer to one another, taking up the good burdens of local work and responsibilities. Wonder, trust, and discipline are central to the experience of being human and keys to our joy.


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