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Event Category: Exhibitions


    Oct 19  2019  – Feb 02  2020

    Opening Reception .            Oct 18   7:30pm – 9:00pm
    Artist Talk – Kevin McCoy    Oct 18   6:30pm – 7:30pm

    Martin Arnold                     Black Holes   
    Andy Holden                      Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape 
    Jennifer & Kevin McCoy   Every Anvil  
    Patten                                 CB-MMXVIII (I’ve been thinking of giving sleeping lessons) 
    Jason Salavon                   All the Ways (The Simpsons) 
    Mungo Thomson               American Desert (for Chuck Jones)  

    I like physics but I love cartoons!    Stephen Hawking
    Please join us for a Talk where artist Kevin McCoy (New York) will discuss a distinguished practice built alongside partner Jennifer McCoy. Followed by the opening reception.

    The impact of animated cartoons has been profound. In the early 20th century, we began exploiting the possibilities of the animated frame. The seven artists in this exhibition don’t create cartoons, they analyze and deconstruct those that already exist; from Looney Tunes, to The Simpsons to Charlie Brown. They exploit this potent material to reveal and comment on the inner and outer workings of our human world. The original cartoon is ever-present, haunting us with suggestive content.

    The artists in this exhibition reframe our world.  Here we are asked to consider the laws, systems and iconographies of the cartoon world while drawing parallels with our human world; from physical laws, to the laws of gravitation, matter + light, the physics of motion, and societal psychologies & behaviours.  We are presented with fascinating catalogues and overlaying systems of symbolic language.  The purposeful demolition of expectation in these works, mirrors the instabilities and dreams of modern life. They remind us that the pervasive medium of the cartoon can reflect and influence how we navigate the world.  If there is a paradox here, it might be that dismantling a cartoon can throw open the doors of perception. Join us for this captivating, funny and poignant journey into a cartoon world.

    Mungo Thomson
    American Desert (for Chuck Jones), 2002

    Based on the famous series of Road Runner & Wiley Coyote cartoons, first broadcast on TV in the 1950’s – 1960’s. Thomson strips the cartoon bare of all characters, their sound & action, leaving only the backgrounds. What remains, depicts the great, empty landscapes of the American West ; a disputed symbol of Freedom, criss-crossed with roads and signs of human intervention. In this work Thomson emphasizes “the role of the desert in the cultural imagination as a sort of pure and indomitable wasteland beyond civilization.”

    Jennifer + Kevin McCoy
    Every Anvil, 2002

    A suitcase that contains an explosive digital catalogue of audio-visual references. The artists have isolated hundreds of themed moments from the Looney Tunes cartoon series: (Every Fall, Every Explosion, Every Anvil). The visitor is free to choose and play any of a series of discs. Together the comedic pratfalls coalesce to reveal a forensic examination of our fascination with compulsive violence that is revealing, potent and thought provoking.

    Martin Arnold
    Black Holes, 2015

    In all his work Martin Arnold exposes the ‘psychoanalytic underbelly’ of family entertainment. Black Holes deconstructs a few frames from a 1944 ‘Goofy’ cartoon entitled How to Play Golf. In this audio-visual How-To, Goofy pulls out a revolver and shoots himself in the head after failing to sink a hole. Arnold deconstructs the frames into a condensed, back and forth, juddering replay, forcing us to focus on the moment. Originally trained in psychology, Arnold is a central figure in the Austrian avant-garde film movement. He skillfully deconstructs and reworks individual frames from pop culture classics, revealing surprising layers of subconscious, unconscious and societal influences.

    Andy Holden
    Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape, 2011-16

    Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape has been described as a dazzling journey. In the two channel audio-visual installation he becomes a cartoon avatar, giving both a lecture on cartoons and a cartoon lecture and describing how our world is best now understood as a cartoon. This five year project incorporates Greek philosophy, Stephen Hawking, critical theory, physics and art, the financial crisis and Donald Trump, while adapting 10 laws of cartoon physics to create a theory of the world and a prophetic glimpse of the world we live in.

    Jason Salavon
    All The Ways (The Simpsons), 2016

    Every episode from 26 seasons of The Simpsons is fused into All the Ways (The Simpsons), an algorithmically mixed, audio-visual collage and large scale colour mural. Both present colour information for every episode from those 26 seasons, in a radiating concentric rectangle, arranged in sequence by season. This multi-media work comprises episodes spanning 1989-2015, 574 episodes, 17.7M frames. Not unlike an impressionist canvas, the piece continuously negotiates the space between representation and abstraction. The compositions chart the shift from standard to high definition resulting in observable, colour and quality changes.

    CB-MMXVIII (I’ve been thinking of giving sleeping lessons), 2018

    In this multi-screen, audio-visual installation, CB-MMXVIII (I’ve been thinking of giving sleeping lessons), Patten subjects Charlie Brown to all the digital stresses, distortions and manipulations available in 2018 ; testing his plasticity. Sampled texts from philosophy, science and critical theory criss-cross the screens, and are linked with scrolling images related to the natural world, DNA, multiple systems. A dramatically slowed down Linus & Lucy theme forms the ambient soundtrack.

    The Artists, Studios + Assistants
    The Creators + Producers of the Cartoons
    Magda Sawon, Director, Postmaster Gallery New York
    University of Chicago
    Temple Shipley, Director, Galerie Frank Elbax, Texas
    Devansh Parikh – Graphic Design

    NEW MEDIA GALLERY is a contemporary public art gallery devoted to the
    presentation of international, national and regional new media art.  It is run by the City of New Westminster, located in metro Vancouver.  Founded in 2014, NMG has presented over 120 international artists, both established and emerging, from close to 30 countries.

    All Welcome:
    Wheelchair accessible, with elevators to the 3rd Floor
    Across from New Westminster Skytrain
    Pay Parking under Anvil Centre
    Cash Bar


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