BC’s Cultural Tourism

We have identified 5 pillars /  benefits of Cultural Tourism to communities throughout British Columbia:

Cultural Tourism is:

  1. Sustainable
  2. Renewable
  3. Takes Place 365 days a year
  4. Is Environmentally Responsible
  5. Gives people a reason to work, stay and play in their communities


Rugged British Columbia spans the Northwest coastal region of the Pacific Ocean from the Washington to Alaskan borders. BC became the sixth province of Canada in 1871, and today has a population of approximately 4.6 million people spread across the vast 944,735 km² land area. Before it was British Columbia, coined by Queen Victoria, the land was inhabited by over 40 Aboriginal nations. Archaeological evidence traces their history back to at least 13,800 years ago in the Haida Gwaii islands off the coast of Northern BC.

BC’s breathtaking scenery comprised of lush forests, rugged coastlines and arid dessert lands, serves as the awe-inspiring backdrop for the rich and distinctive arts and culture that thrives in Canada’s westernmost province.

Galleries and artist studios are plentiful and can be discovered in remote places, hiding under wharfs, or in major cities, housed in monumental buildings.

Thriving performance art organizations produce events ranging from music festivals surrounded by the wilderness, to Shakespearean plays on the beach.

The natural abundance of the province lends itself to a vibrant and creative culinary scene with flavors inspired by West Coast fare and multicultural influence.

Sprawling vineyards and artisanal wineries can be found all over the province, producing world-renowned wines that are distinctly West Coast. Artful accommodations across the province range from B&B’s nestled in the forest, to converted heritage homes, from an inn at a vineyard, to rugged coastal resorts and in the city, artist designed rooms in boutique hotels.

Aboriginal culture is prominent in the province and represented in the form of heritage sites displaying longhouses, totems and other impressive artifacts, to cultural centres, built to engage and educate. Aboriginal craft can be discovered in places all over the province from streetside markets, to unique, contemporary galleries.

Come to experience the exquisitely rugged beauty of the province, and stay to discover the authentic arts and cultural footprint of the community. British Columbia is not only Supernatural, it’s Supercultural.